If you're thinking about installing a solar array on your house or business, we're here for you.

We offer a broad range of services: complete installation packages, assistance for any step of your DIY solar installation, product purchasing, and site assessments if you're just solar curious.

Home Energy Audits

Solar Up is partnering with Efficiency United to offer free energy audits. For customers of select utilities, you can get a free energy audit, free LED bulbs, and free faucet aerators. 

Contact Andy Roth to schedule your free energy audit.

(906) 370-8231

Site Assessments

solar installation orientation houghton keweenaw

For now we are offering solar site assessments $250, including:

  • Shading analysis
  • Annual energy production modeling
  • Approximate system costs and return on investment


  • Utilize our purchasing networks to get the lowest cost and highest quality
  • Simplify your product acquisition by letting us find what you need
  • Free shipping on available products!


  • We have average installation costs down to $3.00-3.50/W! Schedule a site assessment to get your personalized estimate.
  • DIY installation assistance